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Topping Lift for RL24 - How is it done correctly?
What is the correct way to rig the topping lift for the RL24? What are the most important considerations for the toping lift? Presently I have a line running from top of mast to the end of the boom and just tie it off. I have no adjustments, no blocks, just a line. With the sail raised, the toping lift is slack, when I drop the sail, the toping lift keeps the boom well off the deck. Am I missing something? Would sure appreciate a comment. In the USA, there are few RL24 to be seen. Actually, I have never seen another RL24 so I have to invent a lot of things. This discussion list is really very helpful for me. Regards, Hal Murray
Hal Murray15-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
topping lift for RL24
Here are two links to information. The first is a photo of INMA's boom with lazy jacks that also act as a topping lift. The second link is to a discussion on lazy jacks.



The rig of the US built RL24s may have a heavier mast than the Australian RLs (looking at the photos). In Australia, most RL24s have masts with very light tips that should not be loaded with the forces of the topping lift. Most sailers run the spinnaker halyard back and secure the boom acordingly.

The latter yachts with roachy main sails do not run backstays and a topping lift could not clear the sail. INMA has a roachy main so I decided to rig a lazy jack that was strong enough to act as a topping lift when rigging. For the boom tent, I still rig the spinnaker halyard.


Greg15-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
Topping lifts.
I dont run a topping lift on the boom on my boat at all. On the occasion I want to keep the boom up, however, I bring either the spinnaker halyard or T/lift aft to do the job. It seems to work well enough. Cheers


Dave parker16-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
USA mast
I have just purchased a USA RL24 in Richmond, Va., and also find this forum very helpful. Thanks. My boat has a Kenyon mast, made in USA, so not the same. The previous owner tied a short line to the backstay. I am in the process of running a topping lift just as you describe yours.


Clarence Wiley27-Apr-2004    Edit    Delete 

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