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Respraying RL28
I have a plan to respray my RL28. I have previously resprayed a Bounty 25 with Sterling 2 pac epoxy paint. This turned out a very good job.

If anyone has an experience to share and what products they used I would be interested to hear.

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hull resprays
I had a J24's topsides professionally resprayed. The season for respraying in Melbourne seemed to be spring when the very still clear days settled in.

The painter used International paints two pack then clear coat over the color. During the second coat of the clear, a freak wind lifted some dust which settled on the top of the top sides. After rubbing off the offending dust, it got a third coat of clear which made the boat look like a million dollars. After that the painter was driven mad by people wanting a similar finish to mine, he could not assure the same finish and stopped painting boats for a while.

I was advised that I would need to put another clear coat every 5 years to maintain the appearance of the topsides.

There was a bid discussion on painting yachts on the Trailer Sailer Place site.


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