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Lining for interior of RL28
I have recently purchased some hull lining to refurbish the interior of my RL28. If anyone else is in the market to do the same may I recommend a brand called Nautica Hull. It comes in about five different colours. Now you could go to glasscraft or somewhere like that and pay $47 per linear meter (120cm wide) or... you could do what I did and approach Charles Parsons, West End, Brisbane and buy the same product for $15.90 per linear metre. Bargain! Now I have absolutely now interest or payback for this advice. Make up your own mind. If you are interest in a contact, the man to speak to is Matt Burns on 38469221.

If anyone has any advice on how to apply the lining to the hull I would be greatful. Not an overly taxing task but any tips would help.


Little Helper10-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
Hull Lining
Hello Little Helper, I relined my RL 24 with indoor-outdoor carpeting and used contact cement. It worked great and is weather proof. Very easy to "cut and paste" with a variety of brush sizes and a razor blade. Good Sailing.......
Bob Neiman10-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
Glue for roof liner
Gelfix contact cement works wonders.

If you like multicolors, close the hatches. otherwise open everything and put fans blowing air in for lots of fresh air.


Greg11-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
Glue for linings
I have applied fabric lining to both an RL24 & 28, we used sprayable contact adhesive, it is very quick and miminises the amount of time you are breathing the fumes when compared to bushing on the contact.

The contact is sprayed from an ordinary spray gun, it dosn't come out like paint but sort of splats out, the over spray is not a problem as there isn't any.

In applying the fabric we cut it to general size so it could them be trimmed in place, we then sprayed the hull and then the fabric outside on the floor of the shed before lifting it into the boat for placement.

When spraying I put a general cover over all the fabric & hull with a second or third pass around the edges for stronger gluing.

Make sure of adequate ventilation, open all hatches and use a fan etc.

Some advantages of spraying glue are:

1. Very quick when compared to hand brushing large areas.

2. Less time spent in fumes.

3. Due to quick application of glue, fabric can be pulled off and reapplied if it runs out of alignment.

4. The spray gun can sit around with glue in it without going off.

5. Spray gun cleans up easily.

6. Glue dosn't go through the fabric like it can when being hand brushed on.

lloyd16-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 

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