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Interior Lining
Has anybody replaced the carpet lining on their RL28 if so what with.
John Mills5-Dec-2000    Edit    Delete 
Interior lining
Have replaced the interior lining of my RL24. Normal boat carpet glued directly onto the inide of the hull with contact adhesive. You dont need a lot of preparation as it conceals minor lumps & bumps.
Phil Moffatt15-Dec-2000    Edit    Delete 
I have just replaced all the front runner in my RL 28. The carpet on the roof stayed as it was in good con. We used a product called Hull liner. This is available through marine upholsterers. It looks great and will not rot. It also covers imperfections, so you can run wires etc underneath it. The down side is it is very tough and blunts knife blades after just one cut. After re fitting a B25 and using this product we can recommend it. But on our 28 we had the local marine upholsterer put it in for us. This cost $550 plus materials around $950 all up. Hope this helps.
Steve Leicester30-Dec-2000    Edit    Delete 

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