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The master turns 75 on Thursday!
Hi All, A momentous occaision is almost upon us. On Thursday, Rob Legg turns 75! Please leave your greetings and tributes to Rob. He certainly deserves them. I'll be first off!

What can be said about Rob Legg? In the short time I have known him, I continue to be amazed with the accomplishments of his lifetime. Over a period of 40 years Rob has built over 4000 boats, many being designed by himself. Throughout his life Rob has displayed a mindset of innovation, and a steadfastness to achieve. The combination of his vision and doggedness, have at times resulted in him being enveloped in controversy. Such is the sign of a true visionary. But yet, I must add that I am amazed by how humble Rob is, and how sharp a mind he has.

These thoughts I have gained through working with Rob to help publish his memoirs. This project is a wonderful experience for me (it took 3 months of badgering Rob to get him on board) I hope to have an ongoing friendship with Rob, and hope you all enjoy reading his story (when we finally get it published!)

Finally, on a personal note I'd like to thank Rob for building such great boats. My RL24 Kandyman Mk4, still competes well with new boats 15 years younger! And best of all it gives me great joy, and valuable time to de-stress.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ROB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ian Green27-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Happy birthday Rob
Dear Rob, we have never met personally but I feel a little bit like I have sailed with you and I enjoy the fruits of your good judgement every time INMA, my RL24, impresses me with her balance and performance.

It seems silly to wish someone a happy birthday when their prime association with you is that they designed and built your boat. But that is an indication of how personal boat ownership can be and how rewarding making great boats can be.

Having sailed for a short time, compared with someone like yourself, I admire your judgement and luck to have spent so much of your life on the water. We the RL sailors on INMA, thank you for helping thousands of people follow your lead and enjoy sailing in the safety of RL yachts.

Greg INMA RL434

Greg27-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Happy birthday to the best friend a girl ever had. Love You Always Jean
Jean23-Feb-2004    Edit    Delete 
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday Rob

Between yourself and Richard Hartley there should have been a knighthood for services to the recreational boating public. You have added quality of life to our family and to thousands of others.

Keep up the good work.



Mike Hart28-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL15, RL24, RL28, RL34 and now ! "RL75" - Congratulations!

Many happy returns for Thursday, and may I add my thanks for the inspiration and work that you put into designing and bringing to reality these fine boats.

I'm sure I'm not alone in looking forward to reading your story when Ian has it published.

Is there a design or two still to come....

Regards, Phil

Phil Gardam28-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Thank you. Ian, Greg, Mike, and Phil. I just wish I could turn back the clock and have it all over again, I wouldnt change a thing! It was exciting and fun. Rob.
Rob29-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 

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