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Bimini Sunshades
I am considering fitting a bimini to my RL24. Has anyone had reasonable success. If so what brand was it ,eg Lalizas. Do you have any pictures of it up and was it able to stand up to a reasonable blow.
Darren Stevens21-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Shades ...
Check the picture forum on this site for Lynton Bradford's installation...
John22-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Lynton Bradford's is a home made one. I am also interested in where I can get one off the shelf.
James22-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Bimini for RL24
Thank you for your reply John, though I am looking for something I can buy off the shelf that is a little more conventionally mounted over the rear half of the cockpit.
Darren Stevens22-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Bimini for RL24 Mk4
INMA has a standard Lalizas bimini. Part numbers purchased were 14270, 14262 and 14264 from Whitworths http://www.whitworths.com.au/

Now for the info on the boat. INMA does not have a backstay, rear safety rails and the engine is in the well. The bimini mounts on the aluminium gunnel with pop rivets and thumb screws (I donot know the part numbers) for the pins. Its roof is sloping forward in anticipation of the worst winds coming over the bow.

I am yet to install the support poles but do intend to mount them forward so that I can remove the forward straps and free up some clearsnce for the crew.

The literature with the bimini recomends it is designed for winds in the 15-20 knot range. We have certainly sailed in those wind strengths without drama but I do not intend to find out how much wind it takes to destroy the bimini. The bimini is very lightweight and has no effoect on performance when cruising, I suspect the happy helmsperson aids the overall boat performance.

I have set the bimini to miss the boom by about 20-30mm, all the shade as far forward is important.

It would not be easy to use the bimini with backstays or an engine on the stern. The installation on rear liferails might take a bit of fiddling.

I have set up the stern of INMA to take a BBQ, tiller pilot and fishing rod holders and they all mix and match depending on the needs.

There are some photos of INMA on the MSN site http://groups.msn.com/TrailerSailerPlace/photoalbum1.msnw?Page=15 that shows how it works. Unfortunately I do not have a wide angle shot of it rigged.

Those at the RL24 nationals this year saw how quickly we took the bimini down when faced with 40-50 knot winds. It takes 2 people a few seconds to remove and 2 people a couple of minutes to erect. At the end of the day, the sun protection created by the bimini is fantastic.

I know a recent RL28 buyer that quickly had his wife on side for the new boat when she realised that they could sail with the bimini up. Guys, once your wives find out about biminis you will not have a choice, divorce - bimini, divorce - bimini, bimini wins every time.


Greg22-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Thanks for your reply Greg, It's been a great help. We do have a backstay and stern safety rails on our MK3 though I'm sure we'll find a way around them. We have recently relocated to the Whitsundays and are finding things a little to hot to be in the sun. A bimini will definitely be the way to go.
Darren23-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Bimini for RLs
I fitted a bimini to my RL28 some years ago and it would be the best improvement I ever made for family sailing. I was concerned it would affect the sailing performance but it is not noticeable.

Mine was made by Northern Canvas at Capalaba in Brisbane. There are two common tubes used and they strongly recommended the heavier (25MM diameter). It can withstand being grabbed in panic during that broach. They cut a slot for the backstay that is laced up and it clips to the pushpit so is quick to lower id necessary, but it never has been.

Getting it specially made means there are no joins in the tubing so it is much stronger. All they need is length, width, height and position of backstay slot.

Keith Merkley26-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Re: Bimini Sunshades
Any updates to the info here. I'm looking to install a bimini on a RL24 Mk3.

Greg - how has the lalizas on IMNA stood the test of time.

Michael Skinner20-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 

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