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Does anyone know of any company who manufactures trailers for RL24's? Or who might have original plans? My trailer is quite old and needs updating. Thanks.
james8-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
new trailers for RL24s
I have a new trailer under my RL24, I picked it up in September. I would be happy to provide info if you contact me by email.

I have been less than impressed by most of the trailer manufacturers including the one that made my trailer. I will provide information privately, I don't want to name names and be accused of destroying their reputations publically.

Where are you situated?

Expect to pay about $3500 to $4000 for a suitable trailer.


greg8-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL24 trailers
I'm trying to find out total approximate weight of RL24 and trailer and whether a honda CRV would tow same.
Don Marshall11-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
towing with Honda CRV
I tow my RL24 with one of three cars in the family fleet, a Musso 2.9L diesel (75KW)automatic, a Korando 2.3L petrol manual (110KW) and a Holden Rodeo 2.6L petrol(95KW). All my cars are robust conventional commercial chassised vehicles that can take a bit of abuse without me having to worry.

All cars are rated to tow the RL24 boat and trailer weight 1200kg.

Around town and on short trips they all work well, on the highway, the extra power of the Korando is appreciated. The Korando is rated to tow 3500kg so the RL is well inside its rating. I have to say that hills, cross winds and the frontal area of the yacht take their toll at highway speeds (100km/hr).

AS for the CRV, you would need to check its tow rating in its handbook. My guess is it would be fine on short trips but its capacity would be stretched if you were doing more than a couple of hundred kilometers. You have not indicated where you wish to go but I would have doubts about using a light vehicle to tow in hilly areas on a hot day (too fragile and too expensive to repair).

For long trips interstate, I would not wish to tow the RL24 with less than a conventional front engined rear drive car with at least 100KW and a big radiator.

For the record. the Korando does about 18 liters per hundred kilometers on long trips with the air conditioning cooling. The cruise control has the engine pretty much flat out most of the time and I shift to 4th gear on hills at 80 - 90 km/hr.


greg11-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Trailer Plan for RL24
James, I don't know whether you are aware but there are diagrams for the layout of the original RL24 trailer available on this site. Go to the RL24 Drawings page and at the bottom there is a link to RL24 Trailer details. My trailer has been built to these specs and it is a dream to tow and to launch and retrieve.

Regards Alex

Alex10-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 

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