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RL 24 Recovery
For some time my RL 24 was permanently moored so I have only launched and recovered twice. The first time was with assistance and was simple. The last time, New Year's Eve, was by myself and was far from simple.

I saw a power boat simply drive onto his trailer but given the drop-off in steerage with the keel up, coupled with my inability to see the centre trailer roller to line the bow up accurately, I gave that idea away.

With a slight cross wind it was not possible to drag the bow onto the trailer, connect the winch hook, rush back to the winch to take up the cable strain whilst at the same time prevent the stern from swinging down wind. I concluded that under these conditions single handed recovery is difficult if not impossible.

Fortunately a Nacra sailor came to my aid, a stern line was fixed and he stood on the shore at an angle to the boat where he controlled any stern movement. The rest was easy.

As I intend launching and recovering from ramps midweek when there are few 'helpers' about I can see a few problems with single handed recovery.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Best wishes

Terry Stannus RL 24 AWOL

Terry Stannus1-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL24 retreval
Terry, last weekend I was obliged to retreve my '24 myself, due to crew not cooperating and whilst not easy it was possible. When purchsed my boat the previous owner had fitted a retreva-mate I think it is called, it is 2 rollers that are spring loaded and fitted to the rear of the trailer, when the bow is located in the rollers there is enough tension to hold the boat straight while you winch it up the trailer. Most power boat shops sell them and I beleive Whitworths have them in their catalogue. Good luck.
Martyn2-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
If you have a swing keel, you are lucky. Line the boat up at the ramp then drop the keel. The boat will stay in place while you get the cable attached. You can even leave the keel down for a while as you winch up. too easy..



Dave2-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
RL 24 Recovery
Many thanks Martyn and Dave for your advice on single handed recovery / retrieval.

Dropping the keel seems to be so obvious and simple and between the two methods I am confident that my problem is solved.

Martyn, you mentioned on 3 Oct 2003 that you were working on a system for single handed mast raising. Have you had any success?

With much appreciation and best wishes.

Terry Stannus RL 24 AWOL

Terry Stannus3-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 

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