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RL 28 Sails and Furler
My boat is in need of new sails at some stage in the near future. Can anyone advise where they can be purchased and how much they are? Further I am interested in putting a headsail furler on. What are the better brands?



Grant 1-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Your local sailmaker can make them for you. If you are buying a totally new wardrobe it is not unreasonable to ask him to come for a sail to see what is needed. If you are only cruising then Dacron would be the way to go because it is cheaper and will outlast most exotics. There are quite a few sailmaking companies that have several outlets. here are some http://www.hoodaustralia.com.au http://www.doylefraser.com/loftsf.htm http://www.afloat.com.au/d_serv14.html

Cheers DP

Dave 2-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 

Thanks for the tip.



Grant2-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 

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