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Replying to:Motor maintenance on a permanently moored RL28
I have recently purchased an RL28 which has a 15 hp yamaha outboard mounted in the well. I keep the boat permanently moored which creates an issue with minimising corrosion of the outboard.

The motor is a 92 model and continues to run well dispite not being flushed with fresh water and the leg remaining constantly in salt water. I am reluctant to remove the motor after each sailing session due to the effort required and the fact it has not been done previously. I would be interested to know if anyone else is in a similar situation and how you go about maintaining your motor. I have recently removed the motor for a service of the water pump, gearbox oil and anode which I was able to do without any drama. In fact all nut, bolts and leg came apart quite freely. This did surprise me considering the history of the motor.

I would be keen to know if there is a simple way of raising the motor out of the water without actually removing the motor from the transom.....A pulley mechanism was an initial thought.

The hole for the motor leg does not allow the motor to tilt. Another thought I have had is to cut the hole bigger to allow the motor to tilt. I am reluctant to try this option unless is has been tried and tested.....on someone elses boat.

I would be grateful of experiences from others and possible solutions.