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Motor maintenance on a permanently moored RL28
I have recently purchased an RL28 which has a 15 hp yamaha outboard mounted in the well. I keep the boat permanently moored which creates an issue with minimising corrosion of the outboard.

The motor is a 92 model and continues to run well dispite not being flushed with fresh water and the leg remaining constantly in salt water. I am reluctant to remove the motor after each sailing session due to the effort required and the fact it has not been done previously. I would be interested to know if anyone else is in a similar situation and how you go about maintaining your motor. I have recently removed the motor for a service of the water pump, gearbox oil and anode which I was able to do without any drama. In fact all nut, bolts and leg came apart quite freely. This did surprise me considering the history of the motor.

I would be keen to know if there is a simple way of raising the motor out of the water without actually removing the motor from the transom.....A pulley mechanism was an initial thought.

The hole for the motor leg does not allow the motor to tilt. Another thought I have had is to cut the hole bigger to allow the motor to tilt. I am reluctant to try this option unless is has been tried and tested.....on someone elses boat.

I would be grateful of experiences from others and possible solutions.



Grant31-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Avoiding Corrosion
I just tilt my motor in the well which removes most of it from the water but beware! Tilting it can raise the anode from the water which can greatly increase the corrosion. I added two small anodes to either side of the fin right at the bottom of the leg. This is always in the water.

I have seen a hinge that tips the motor forward as well as up. Any one with such a system, please contact me so I can add details on this site.

Keith Merkley31-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Yamaha outboards in RL28 wells
Grant, I can't comment on the issue of tilting / corosion, but a couple of quick observations about motor swaps.... When I bought Jezabel, she had a 1991 9.9hp Yamaha 4 stroke in the well. This motor went to outboard heaven, so I needed a replacement - the obvious choice being the 2001 Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke. Then the fun started regarding the later model.... Larger cowling won't fit in the well, spacing of the transom bolts is different from 1991, transom clamps don't open as wide as earlier model, tiller control no longer available (needs to have control box mounted), less clearance, so fumes in the well may also be a problem. I took a grinder to the back of the well and the transom to get it in, but not nearly enough to allow tilting. Those transom bolts were a dreadful job to position and fit. Perhaps be careful if designing / fitting any lift / tilt mechanism to make provision for later model (? larger ?) motors. Also you seem to be doing well to get 11 years relatively trouble-free as I am told that the Yamahas are a touch susceptible to head corrosion - which was terminal for my old white-top 9.9hp.

On a side issue, one of my more successful pieces of ingenuity was to extend the telltale water outlet pipe from the back of the motor to the front to discharge the water into the self-draining cockpit where it is bleedin' obvious. Not only does this let you see that cooling water is flowing - both when cruising and especially for me during flushing on the trailer - but on hot days it keeps your feet cool!

Phil Gardam31-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Yamaha in well
I had a Southcoast Magnum charterboat with a 10hp Yamaha 4 stroke in the well. I bought the yacht in 1988. Being a charter boat, it did more than 1000 hours a year.

The yacht was in a pen at Paynesville on the Gippsland Lakes.

Due to corrosion in the leg where the exhaust gasses flow, the dealer recommended replacement every 2 years so we changed it over in preference to waiting for it to fail. I must say, I was disappointe with the life of the Yamaha even though it did work long hours.

I have a RL24 now with a new 5hp Mariner engine in the well. I had problems with all the new outboards being larger than the old models. The only engine that fitted was the Mariner. I will post a report on its performance separately, it works fine.

I posted a fair bit of information on measuring the well and engines as I searched for a suitable engine. If I had an RL28, I would suggest looking at a 8-10hp Johnson 2 stroke with high thrust propeller. Although it is less powerful than some of the other engines, its quality and the modern high thrust propellor will be more than adequate for the RL28. I was less than impressed with all the heavy, clumbsy offerings by yamaha etc. The other brands show no signs of improvement in the last 15 years while the Johnson is a great package with forward shifter and lots of classy finish,

15 years ago the Yamaha was the best with Honda coming second, I see no improvement in their products since then so why do we buy them?

Of course this is my opinion only, I put my money where my mouth is and put a new engine in the well. Don't be afraid of an efficient smaller engine in preference to an old design which does not fit.

greg31-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 

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