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Neophyte questions ....
Tidying up an RL24 prior to putting it in the water.

(a) I have a hose fitting through to deck forward port side. Is the normal arrangement to have a water bladder in the forward port cabin locker ? If so, might I request that someone point me in the direction of a suitable place to source a bladder ?

(b) the boat has had the engine bay sealed. There is an outlet, apparently from the bouyancy chamber, into the engine well. Is this observation correct ? and should one periodically open the drain ?



John22-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
bouyancy tank drains
I have two bouyancy tanks in the engine well, one on each side. Each tank has a drain that I undo after the boat is back on the trailer.

If your engine well is sealed (eg. you have the engine off the stern) there is no reason to believe water could get in the tanks but you still should open them to air.

I put the engine back in the well, there has been a lot of discussion on this issue. If you are considering an engine change, it is important to consider putting it back in the well because it is a lot safer and easier to operate from the well. I have doubts about any advantages of having the engine weight out the back and the engine often fouls the rudder.

Have fun Greg

greg23-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Drain port
Thanks for that .. but the description doesn't appear to fit my boat .. there is a single drain on centreline opening into the well from under the cockpit .. looks to be around 2 in. or so above the underside ?
John23-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
drain plugs
I believe there is a false floor which goes all the way under the boat from under the front anchor well right to the front endge of the engine bay in the rear which you have indicated is sealed off. As Greg has advised, you should store the boat with this plug out so the hull can breath and dry out any condensation or moisture in this false floor area but, as this is an intrical part of the boats built in buoyancy, the plug should be screwed in before launching the boat.

My boat has no buoyancy in these side strorage areas beside the engine bay but they do have drain plugs which allows any water in these side storage area to drain into the engine bay. As I have sealed my engine bay off, I find it easy enough to sponge out any water in this area at the end of a days sailing. I don't think these side storage areas were ever originally designed to be a bouyancy area.

Hope this helps.

Steven Lymbery28-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 

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