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Status 19 or RL 580
If I remember correctly Robb Legg Yachts took over the production of the Van de Stat designed Status 19 in the 80's. What happened to the moulds for that design when the boat went out of production?

Alastair Russell

alastair Russell14-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Status moulds
Alistair. As far as I know the Status moulds went back to Timpenny yachts in Sydney
Rob15-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Status 19 or RL 580
Thanks Rob I will pass on the information

They are trying to get a class of status 19's going down here in Paynesville. The problem is that all the boats have different sail areas!


Alastair Russell16-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 

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