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"Tinka" trailer wheels etc
My RL28 is on what I think is the original "Tinka" trailer, which has cast alloy wheels with integral hubs - ie the bearing housings are machined directly into the wheel casting, rather than the wheel bolting to a separate hub. The brake discs then bolt to the inside of the wheels. The wheels are labelled "Cherkas" or similar and the discs "Southern Cross" - I suspect both were made in Queensland. Does anyone know whether there is any source of these wheels and discs?
chris hanson1-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
wheels for Tinka Trailer
I think I have 2 disc braked wheels and 1 unbraked wheel for the above mentioned trailer. Will check in the storage area and confirm later.
Peter Taylor27-Dec-2003    Edit    Delete 
Trailer wheels
Thanks Peter - look forward to the reply Chris
chris hanson13-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 
Tinka trailer wheels
I DO have the wheels in my shed.
Peter Taylor20-Jan-2004    Edit    Delete 

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