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RL24 Mk3 - increased headroom?
The web site says that the Mk 3 has increased headroom and interior alterations. I'm hoping someone can tell me the headroom in the Mk2 compared to Mk3 and describe the interior differences between them. Do the RLs have any specific identification to establish who manufactured the hull, where, or when it was made?
kim24-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 
Head room

I think 100 mm was added to the hull at the gunnels when they developed the mark 3.


Alastairrussell26-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 
mk3 headroom
alaistair thanks for the reply - if you have a mk3 would you please tell me the actual measurement (is it freeboard?) of the mk3 so that i can see how it compares - also, any idea who sells kits for a pulpit
kim26-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 
Mk 3

You are right the freeboard was increased by 100 mm. I have a old mark 1 which I rebuilt and modified 20 odd years ago. I cannot help you much on the mark 3 as the ones I saw were all different. I remember seeing my first mk 3 and thinking what a lovely roomy cabin the drop keel version had.

Being a keen racer then I felt the extra free board was an unnecessary drawback when going to windward in strong winds.


Alastair Russell27-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 
freeboard RL24 mk3
Thanks Alastair - does anyone have the freeboard measurement of the mk3 compared to mk2?
kim27-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 

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