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weight of RL28 plus trailer
I've had my RL28 just over 12 months and had it on water all of that time - with a trailer in hard standing. I'm now contemplating buying a new car and would like to get something big enough to tow the boat and trailer.

Can someone tell me the normal total weight of boat and trailer, and what size car I might need for legal/safe/comfortable towing?

I don't particuarly want to buy a big four-wheel drive Toyota, Nissan, Land Rover etc but am wondering whether Commodore, Falcon etc would be big enough?

Email to peter@petermiddleton.com would be appreciated.

Good sailing

Peter Middleton10-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 
Weight of RL28
My original copy of the factory brochure lists the weight of the boat as 1360kg. Presumably this is "dry" weight. Add to this an outboard/saildrive, fuel, water, sails etc and the weight would be around 1460kg or more. My trailer has been weighed at 490kg, making the total towing weight around 1950kg. Check the vehicle's manual for allowable towing capacity, and Queensland Transport for the regulations on trailer braking & load limits. You'll find a 4WD useful for launching & retrieving on slippery ramps.
Peter Morrow14-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 
Weight and towing of RL28s

I have an RL28 on a hardstand at RQYS and I've just had my trailer done up - rollers, springs and axles following a bad case of "Fe2O3". I would dearly love to be able tow JEZABEL home for minor work, and maybe to Noosa / Gold Coast for weekends, but I had to decide whether to spend the extra on brakes and registration etc.

My logic for not spending the $ goes like this... * the weight of a base RL28 plus trailer (as per another email reply to you) probaly is around 2000 kg * a 9.9 Yamaha 4 stroke is 45kg * 2 x batteries (? 35kg) * I carry lots of extra safety gear (rubber duckie), anchors (x 2), supplies and tools plus spare fuel (60kg), water (60kg), medicinal (!) alcohol (15kg) (maybe 300kg) * at that weight, brakes probably need to be either vacuum or electric, rather than override * vacuum brakes cost a lot at the vehicle end * electric brakes probable won't last long after being continually dunked for launching (even with lots of being hosed off) * I'm told that NSW law says something like load weight must not exceed the greater of approved towing capacity or towing vehicle weight * I'm told that QLD law says something like load weight must not exceed the greater of approved towing capacity (stipulated by the vehicle manufacturer) or 1.5 times towing vehicle weight * I think Vehicle weight is curb weight rather than GVM * a special towbar is probably necessary, rather than a standard tow bar

What this all means is that I could have spent an extra $x,000 on brakes, controller, towbar etc, only to find that my insurance is not valid because I exceeded a towing limit.

A worse scenario would be to discover the need to use one of those "semi-trailer emergency run-offs" when descending a steep slope!

I tow with a 1978 FJ55 LandCruiser and I'm fairly experienced / proficient with a trailer. I would need to be very, very careful (especially on cornering) if I were to try to tow in traffic. Those poles and posts leap out to hit you!

In summary, even a large 4wd may struggle to be legal.

Hope this is of interest... Send me a reply with a phone number if you would like to discuss further.

Regards, Phil Gardam

Phil Gardam17-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 

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