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RL28 buoyancy
The original RL28 brochure refers to the yachts having sufficient built in buoyancy as to make them unsinkable. Mine has foam under the cockpit aft of the icebox and (I assume) forward of the forward water tank. Does anyone have a view whether this is sufficient foam as to make the yachts unsinkable, even with the Volvo diesel and customary piles of cruising guff? If not, would make good storage. If so, will leave as is. Any thoughts?
chris hanson24-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 
R.L. 28 Bouyancy.
The bouyancy requirments in the 28 were originally calculated to allow for the fitting of a Volvo sail drive. the forward compartments are sealed cells and contain no foam, they are also structual members so should not altered. In practice the boat would most likely stay afloat without the added bouyancy due to air trapped in the bow and under the berths but that is questionable. The bouyancy was added for your saftey, so why compromise this as the class has so far a 100% saftey record.
Rob Legg24-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 
Thanks Rob Comforting to know that buoyancy was calculated with the diesel in mind (afraid the current cynical climate makes one suspicious of all claims about everything - apologies). Will leave as is, and as designed. PS (even though you've heard this before)congratulations on an outstandingly logical and useable design in the 28. Regards Chris
chris hanson25-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 

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