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Stabilising RL28 when moored
Does anyone have any good techniques/ references for making simple stabilisers for a RL28 at anchor? Much as I love the boat it can be a bit like sleeping inside a metronome. The amount she moves is accentuated in a bay full of relatively still keel boats.
Greg Harvey29-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 
stability at anchor
Gday Greg, I remember reading a cruising tip somewhere about a "slop stopper" or something similar.Swing the boom fully outwards, as thought you are running downwind, (no sails up of course)and tie it in place so that it cant swing back.Fix a stout bucket to the outboard end of the boom on enough line so that the bucket is always submerged.It should act as a brake to stop the boat rolling. If the line is too short I guess the bucket would pop out of the water all the time.I have never seen it used but it sounded interesting at the time. Cheers, Phil
Phil Moffatt30-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 
Rock and roll
Further to that idea, the spinnaker pole can also be used, on the opposite side to the boom, in a similar way.
dave2-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 

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