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What is the approx cost of insurance on a $10,000 trailer sailer.


Dave M

Dave M23-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 
Hi Dave, Just be aware of comparitive coverages for your intended purpose. For comparison, I have had Kandyman (MK4) for 2 years, valuation $16.5k. First year, insurance with NRMA + $328 pa, excluded any racing, extra racing coverage @ $200 pa. Subsequent coverage with Club Marine (QBE) was $466 including race cover. There was a thread on Trailer Sailer Place a while ago with much more info. Best advice? Shop around, and ask lots of questions! rgds, iggy

Ian Green23-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 
After trying for 4 days to insure my '24 with club marine, I gave up and in 2 hours had Associated Marine on board for $344 and change including social racing up to 25nm. Excess is $250 with 70% of claim payable whilst racing. They can be found at www.associatedmarine.com.au (best check the spelling for yourself!)
Martyn24-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 

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