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trailers - any particular brands that work well?
I'm thinking of swapping from our current dual axel "middle rollers & midships cradle" type trailer to a brand new single axel muti roller trailer...Not so much that the old one is had it..its still got a few years or more in it... rather I'm keen to launch & retrieve as some new less developed ramps and off sandy beaches a bit more... Can any one tell me if the new style multi roller trailers do well in shallower launches? My current trailer needs to go into mudguard depth so long sloping beaches are out...

ps Old trailer will probably be available sooner or later for min cost if any one and will mainly be putting in at regular ramps & wants it.

wayne hill12-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 
new trailer capacities
I have just read the Australian Design Rules regarding trailer brakes and wonder whether some of us are being tricked into upgrading trailers when it is not needed. Also, it is clear manufacturers are not rating new trailers at their full capacity because they donot understand the ADRs

Having just bought a new single axle trailer for my RL24 and found its ATM is 140kg less than what it should be, I am less than impressed with the manufacturer.

First an explanation of terms. Gross Trailer Mass is the axle load (measured at the wheels). Aggregate Trailer Mass is the mass of the trailer uncoupled (the GTM plus the drawbar mass).

The ADR requires brakes on trailers with a GTM greater than 750kg and breakaway brakes on trailers with GTM greater than 2000kg.

Explanation 1. If you have a trailer with a drawbar mass of 100kg and a GTM of 750kg, it does not need brakes providing the car is rated to tow a trailer with GTM of 750kg without brakes.

Explanation 2. . If you have a trailer with a drawbar mass of 150kg and a GTM of 2000kg, it needs brakes but does not need breakaway brakes providing the car is rated to tow a trailer with GTM of 2000kg with brakes.

Trailer manufacturers are rating trailers ATM to the axle capacity, which means you are loosing the ability to carry the extra weight taken on the drawbar. In fact the ADR acknowledges the car carries and stops the drawbar load.

With old trailers that are not plated, transport officials should not down rate the ATM to the GTM. There is no technical merits in uncoupling an old trailer to weight its ATM if it is not plated to a ATM. They can only check the axle loads of the car and trailer because when it is coupled up the combination becomes the vehicle. If the trailer axle load is less than its rating then you are ok.

As for my new trailer, I asked the manufacturer "Why they de-rated it to 1400kg when that is simply the axle rating? If they plate it properly, it should be plated for an ATM of 1540kg that is the coupling capacity plus the axle capacity." I was less than impressed with their lack of understanding of very basic vehicle engineering.

The trailer was $3700.

I hope this helps

Greg13-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 
launching our RL28
We launch and recover our RL28 Rings-n-things useing a4wheel drive type electric winch.The winch is mounted low on the trailer so that the cable can extend out below the hull onto a rope that passes through a turning block mounted on the trailers rear cross member, the rope returns to the bow eye bolt. The rope has a loop at either end and one is just looped over the eye bolt the other onto the winch hook.THe eye bolt loop just slips off when the boat begins to move by itself.I only ever put the trailer into the water up to the rear axle and do not use the tilt at all.The trailer bow post has a turning block mounted in line with the "u"bolt on the bow so that the winch cable can be passed through it during recovery. The rear trailer roller has two vertical ball type rollers either side which locates the keel and makes the recovery very easy even on a ramp with side slope.My wife and myself launch and recover the boat with ease[we are both in our sixties].Regards Kingsley
Kingsley WHITE20-Oct-2003    Edit    Delete 

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