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Anybody have information on how to make my RL24 Spinnaker ready? Looks like I can get a spinnaker from a J24 that should/might fit my RL24 but have seen nothing about a spinnaker on the RL24. What would be the critical measurement(s)?
Hal Murray1-Sep-2003    Edit    Delete 
rigging a RL24 for spinnaker
The Australian RL24s are mostly fitted and rigged by their owners hence there is variations throughout our fleet. The class rules are the best source of information and are available on this site.

RL24 spinnaker is limited to 20M squared area (The J24 one should be a bit bigger and should provide suitable entertainment. The halyard position is 21 foot above the deck, pole is 8 foot 9 inches and about 1.5 inched diameter. Rig bridles on the pole with uphaul and downhaul per most keel yachts. On my boat, the spinnaker sheets come from turning blocks on the top of the gunnels about 3 foot behind the coach house up to fixed turning blocks on the coach house leading to small winches. There are tweekers behind the shrouds for fine adjustment of the sheet angles.

Assuming the engine is in the well, tilt it up to reduce drag or remove it and stow it below. If you can close off the hole in the engine well (to reduce turbulence)this will help the planning hull. If the engine is on a bracket, raise it clear of the water.

The empty RL24 is capable of planing in medium strength winds so be prepared to sail her like a dingy. In the beginning have experienced crew if you wish to sail with the spinnaker above 10 knots wind otherwise you may scare each other. RL 24s are a very fast keelboat when the spinnaker, crew and wind get it right. Frankly, empty the cruising gear into the garage, and you have a great sports boat.

greg2-Sep-2003    Edit    Delete 

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