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RL24 MKIII Keel Bolt Cover
I recently purchased RL24 MKIII, Rego NE696N, Sail No. 213 and find that the keel bolt appears to have fibre-glass covers in the cabin sealing it. I know from the two previous owners that these covers have been in place for at least 5 years, as they didn't touch them. Firstly, is this part of the build standard for the later MKIII's and secondly, how often should the keel bolt be inspected for condition (if so then how)? I haven't sailed the boat yet but as far as I am aware the keel operates satisfactorily, however, rust is evident and the boat has been in the water for a few weeks on one previous occaision. Thank you and regards, John Whitelaw

John Whitelaw31-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 
Keel bolts
John .Sealing keel bolts was not done 0n RL24s so it must have leaked at some time. Bolt and nut are 316 ss so should still be in good condition, I would leave it alone.
Rob1-Sep-2003    Edit    Delete 
RL24 MKIII Keel Bolt Covers
Rob, Thank you. Regards, John.
John Whitelaw2-Sep-2003    Edit    Delete 

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