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I have been led to believe the RL 28 was designed as bare boat charter boats for the Whitsundays. Is this true? Where is Rob Legg these days? How many 28s were built? Thanks again.
Steve Leicester1-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 
Re: Design/Rob/Numbers
The RL28 was used in the Whitsundays, on the Gold Coast and at Port Stephens for chartering. While Rob no doubt had the chartering market in mind, the RL28 was built to be a more "family" sized boat with standing head room and other features to allow more extended cruising than the RL24 could provide, while still staying within the maximum width which could be towed without special permits.

Rob has retired and is living on the Gold Coast.

I believe that just over 200 RL28s were built - mostly by Rob Legg Yachts but a couple were built by subsequent purchasers of the molds. None were built in the US.

Keith Merkley2-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 
Thanks again for you rapid response. All the best witrh this great website.
Steve Leicester2-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 

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