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Weather helm corrections for the RL24 - Rob Please Help
I have just had the Stainless Steel rudder-tiller assembly welded (again) at the rudder end where all the leverage is. I seem to be setting the sails in such a way that the weather helm is causing unnecessary strain. Suggestions and recommendation from Rob Legg would be greatly appreciated.
Hal Murray29-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 
Excess weather helm
Hal. Many small things can add up to excess helm pressure. Check on the following. Mainsail too full.Mainsail sheeted too close. more than 20 cm mast rake. sheet headsail closer. Sail boat flatter. Is rudder blade raked aft in frame? C/board should rake aft.
Rob.1-Sep-2003    Edit    Delete 
Excess weather helm
IMPORTANT Note. Both the RL24 and 28 centre boards were designed so that the leading edge raked aft 30 degrees from vertical,if they are lowered further it is probable that you will have excess weather helm.Reaching and running it is best to raise further.
Rob1-Sep-2003    Edit    Delete 

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