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Self righting
Is the RL28 self righting?
Steve Leicester28-Oct-2000    Edit    Delete 
RL28 Self righting
According to the official tests the RL28 is self righting.

However I do not believe that any trailable boat can be relied on to right itself if tipped beyond horizontal, that is with the sails under water. The 1998 Sydney to Hobart showed that even ocean racers fail to self-right or do so, so slowly (several minutes) as to present a drowning danger. Any trailable boat is suitable only for bay and coastal conditions where there is protection from boat-rolling waves and a short trip to shelter from gales.

Those of us who have broached under spinnaker will ensure you that the RL28 rights from an almost horizontal position very quickly!

Perhaps equally important, the RL28 has positive buoyancy and will stay afloat even if the cabin is filled with water. This can be further enhanced by the addition of closed cell foam glued inside the gunwales to offer higher and indestructible, buoyancy that will continue to perform even if the buoyancy tanks are ruptured in a collision.

I would be interested if anyone disagrees with me.

Keith Merkley30-Oct-2000    Edit    Delete 
Self-righting of RL28s

I'm told by folk who have capsised RL28s that the water level won't let water enter the cabin.

Whilst one of my ambitions is to never be fully horizontal in my RL28 - boom hitting the water is the limit so far - I have two nagging thoughts. These are:

1) what efect will the movement of batteries and other kit (tools, torches, canned food, kitchenware etc) have on righting moments if they are on the roof of the cabin?

and 2) Hydraulic pressure lifts the centreboard, but what would the centreboard do if the boat inverts?

Any thoughts? And are there other scary thoughts I should consider?

p.s. My water tank for the galley seems to run out very quickly (say, 2 days of average use). Is this a commonly experienced situation?

Regards, Phil Gardam

Phil Gardam17-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 

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