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RL28 owners can you help?
I am doing some research on stability, and would like to hear if you have ever experienced a knock down while sailing your RL28 . These boats have been sailing for 25 years now and must have collectively covered a Million kilometers . I have never had a report of any knock downs .Please let me know of any first hand experiences.
Rob Legg.11-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 
I experienced a knockdown [2] on our way back to Adelaide from Kangaroo Island in our RL28 Rings-n-Things. We were on a run and had a full main and no.1 genoa [masthead rig] when a front came through with gusts of 40knts+. We broached and laid right over rounded up into the wind and stood back up. This happened twice I then raised the centre board which stopped rings from tripping over the plate and then surfed most of the way back to Adelaide. When on a run in heavy weather I always raise the centre plate which does reduce stability slightly [still self righting by AYF haul down test results] Raising the plate has a very positive effect on helm control and consequently stops broaching. regards Kingsley

p.s.this technique has also been used successfully on a Sunbird in similiar conditions.

Kingsley WHITE14-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 
Knock downs.
Thanks for the imfo Kingsley .But what are you doing with a mast head rig? You must have a heavy mast section and be over the normal sail dimensions. as a matter of interest the last time I heard from Rings and things was when she was up cruising past Cook Town, and the locals had stolen her headsail and when the owners came back from phoning for a replacement they found that their rudder blade had gone as well,that was 20 years ago.
Rob. Legg17-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 

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