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new trailers for RL24
I am in Melbourne and wish to buy a new trailer for my RL 24. I have tried Dunbier and Mackay trailers and neither make tilt trailers that suit the RL. They basically offer a multiroller trailer without tilt.

I am looking for someone with recent experience buying a trailer for their RL24.

A lot of people seem to specify a tandem trailer but I wish to stay with a single trailer 14 inch wheels ans tilt.

I know there are some manufacturers in NSW. The dealer I contacted said I had to take a tandem and would not supply a single axle trailer.


greg8-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 
Trailer for RL24
I had to purchase a new trailer for my RL24 and being in NSW only a Tandem Trailer with brakes would do. I do not have a tilt (rollers only) and found that the tandem trailer is easier to tow then a single axle, no tilt has never been a problem as the boat floats nicely of the trailer and is just as easy to recover. The price for the trailer was $3600. Kind regards
Helmut Sedlmaier25-Nov-2003    Edit    Delete 

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