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downhaul and uphaul for spinnaker pole and vang
I am just learning to use to our RL24 and am having trouble figuring out how to rig the spinnaker down haul. My yacht is a Mk4 if that helps identify my rig.

The yacht was not delivered with a downhaul(I believe) so I need to rig a new one.

All other yachts I've sailed on had poles with bridles top and bottom for positioning the pole. The RL pole is so light and has no anchor points for a bridle. I do not believe the light pole could survive the compression loads a bridle places on the pole.

There are a couple of cleats at the front of the anchor well that I am not using. Are these associated with the down haul?

I am looking at upgrading the vang for more power and leading it back to the cockpit, what ratio do others use?


Greg4-Jul-2003    Edit    Delete 
Spinnaker downhaul
Our spinnaker pole had saddles mounted in the middle for uphaul & downhaul. It broke in half. The new pole has a bridle for the uphaul, so the weight is on the ends, not the middle. We dont need a downhaul as we rigged "tweakers", or barberhauls on the sheets. If you barberhaul the "brace"(windward sheet)it pulls the pole down anyway. Works a treat. Cheers, Phil Moffatt
Phil Moffatt9-Jul-2003    Edit    Delete 

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