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Replying to:Keel weights
If we were replacing a rather shabby & delaminating swing keel that has been made out of mild steel tube, lead & fibreglass with a more upmarket version that involved 6mm stainless steel "studs & noggins" and casting the lead into the voids down low & filling the top half with foam before wrapping thelot in uni-directional glass..... What would the taqrget weight be? trevor jones mentions around feb in the discussion page that the cast swing keels on the mark one were around 180 kg...but 100 kg placed low in lead has the same righting moment...has anyone done this maths and can they say how far up a board the lead goes? Is 100kg OK? Also can any one point to a web site or book hat has profiles/cross sections or even tip shapes appropriate to an RL. Boat in question is a MK1