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what level on an RL24 mk1
I'm messing about with the mast & rigging & seem to have found a well balanced set up...but to judge the rake of the mast by the old weight on the main halyard trick i need to have the boat level(fore & aft). What is level? mouldings that the hatch slides on? a section of gunnel? Top of the swing keel plate case? I' replaced seats & floor with a foam sandwich insert so no clues there i reckon.
wayne hill16-Jun-2003    Edit    Delete 
mast rake
I measure mast rake to a datum set on the stern of the hull. Each boat and rig is different hence knowing what works and being able to measure it and get back to it is more important than knowing what is level etc. Use a good fibre glass tape measure secured to the halyard hauling the halyard up into the turning block. Remember that if you change the length of the shackle or knot on the halyard it changes the measurement hence include the lengths of the shackle and knot in your records and a good description of the datum on the stern.

While your measuring, check your rig is even port to starboard. It happens.


greg17-Jun-2003    Edit    Delete 

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