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Sail number
I would like to know what bearing tha sail number has in working out the age of a RL 28. My sail number is 50. Can anyone help out with the age.
Steve Leicester28-Oct-2000    Edit    Delete 
Re: Age of RL28 No 50
The sail number is directly related to the age of the boat as they were all built at the Gold Coast factory. This does not apply to RL24s which were built in several places, each with their own sail numbers.

I would guess your boat was built in 1982 or 1983. Any original owners of boats with similar sail numbers may be able to be more accurate.

Keith Merkley30-Oct-2000    Edit    Delete 
Thank you.
Thank you Keith for you rapid response to both of my questions. We enjoy our RL 28 very much indeed. I think it is the near perfect yacht for our shallow Goolwa Lakes district in South Australia. I never miss a chance to go on other 28s to have a peek at the interior fit out. One modification we have done is the fitting of a port hole to the head. This provides much wanted ventilation and light. For around $230 and a couple of hours work it is well worth it.
Steve Leicester1-Nov-2000    Edit    Delete 

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