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Replying to:keel wire and jib sheet winches
A bit of input required from those who have figured out the answers.

Our boat, Hart Beat has a 7:1 block system and the keel is raised and lowered using a 10 mm braided rope in the cockpit. The lower block is attached to a 4 mm 7x19 stainless wire. It works fine so we will be sticking with it.

A mate's boat, Touche, has a winch mounted over the end of the centreboard case and the keel is lifted with a 6 mm galvanised wire rope. It has been known to fail, on a fairly regular basis.

My question is why 6 mm and why galvanised wire? I would have thought 5 mm would be heaps big enough and stainless, whilst prone to the odd prickle when it wraps around the winch drum, would at least be rust free, assuming 316 grade is used. Does the stainless not handle the frequent winding and unwinding?

Question 2

Both boats have Gibb winches for the jib sheets. I also use one as a halyard winch. These winches are the type with the handle permanently fixed under the drum.

Barlow tell me that parts are no longer available and as both boats are having problems with dicky winches, I had hoped that someone had figured out a fix. Any clues?