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Replying to:to repair or replace keel? That is the question
My keel cable snapped on US made RL24 causing a large leak / near sinking at keel bolt.I will be switching to synthetic keel rope if I need to. I have repaired keel bolt on san juan 21 before and assume it will be similar. my san juan 21 still dripped / leaked a little after the repair. Now the question. 1) Drop fair and repair the swing keel as it was original. 2) convert swing keel to drop keel 3) build an entire new keel from wood epoxy and lead ( I have no need to adhere to class rules if there are any regarding keels) 4) make a bracket that supports the keel bolt inside of the trunk but bolts together above the water line. Help me decide what to do. I love this little boat and need to get it back in the water before the first club race at the end of march. Thanks for any input, Rick Bernardi Knoxville Tennessee