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Rotating Mast - Control Device?
Knowing absolutely nothing about rotating masts, other than I have one on my RL24, could someone describe the device that controls rotation?

Was this device originally supplied with RL24s, what is it, and how does it work?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Best wishes.

Terry Stannus 'Good Feelings'

Terry Stannus18-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Control of mast rotation
Rotating masts were never standard on RL24s however theywere tried by several owners including myself. A simple devicecan be made from a piece of light guage tube some 500mm long flattened at the ends with a 6mm hole at each end , bend the tubein the middle to a V of about 20 degrees to fit the mast sides and bolt thru. Connect a 6mm line to the centre of the tube and down thru a deadeye on deck then on to a cleat on the cabin top.
Rob Legg19-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Control of mast rotation
Thanks for the advice Rob. Best wishes Terry Stannus
Terry Stannus19-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Control of Rotating Mast
I've seen a similar arrangement as Rob describes, but the control is in relation to the boom, rather than the deck - ie the deadeye is on the boom, and the tubular arrangement is connected to this with an arrangement similar to the boom vang. Just a thought.
Damien O'Grady21-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Control of Rotating Mast
Thanks for the info Damien.

I recently capsized 'Good Feelings' in a fierce electrical hail storm of around 50 - 60 knots on Lake Wivenhoe Qld. Later I discovered the cracked tabernacle as well as fractures to both chain plates. I don't know how I was'nt dismasted.

Consequently I'm acutely aware of the mast's well-being and am hesitant about drilling more holes in the mast. Like me the mast is not getting any younger.

I'll keep my eyes open for some alternative to a bolt-through-mast device for rotation control. I'm thinking along the lines of a pear shaped clamp and tube extension, the clamp to match the pear shaped mast.

I've learned from a couple of sources that the SS U bolt chain plates can suffer 'crevice corrosion' if they are sealed with a non-neutral sealant. I've been told to inspect them every few years. In my case the leading portions of both U bolts snapped inside the under deck hardwood supports. They would not have been detected had a sharp eyed friend not noticed that the chain plates had a slight tilt of a few mm.

Best wishes

Terry Stannus

Terry Stannus21-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Geriatric Mast
Your mast sounds a bit like mine. Actually I didn't drill any more holes in mine - I used the same connection point where the inner stays come back to the bottom of the mast.
Damien O'Grady4-Jun-2003    Edit    Delete 

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