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CBH increase for FBM
My club handicapper wants to apply a penalty for having a full batten main (FBM). Under the new ATYSBA rules of July 2017, there is a penalty for a FBM if it is not considered in the class CBH.
I was told that the existing class CBH was registered on a total batten length of 7980mm and that my new (current spec) main having a batten length of 8800mm meant I had to accept the penalty, making the new CBH for an RL24DK 767.
All arguments that FBM is standard in the class have so far failed.
Anyone else had this happen. Any thoughts?
This has implications for the entire drop-keel fleet as it essentially means we will all move from 760 to 767. This looks like a back-door attempt to increase the CBH of our fleet.
Matthew Francis4-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH increase for FBM
Hi Matthew

Firstly, your handicapper has no business using THAT penalty as it's meant for moving from leech battens to full battens (and as you've said, we're already rated for that).. nothing to do with the total sum length.
Secondly. Bad maths. .760x1.0075 = .7657..round up to .766 not .767.

Adding 800mm to the total doesn't mean a faster sail. Another RL sailor at my club recently bought a new main. One less batten than mine. Similar roach, looks just as good, sails just as fast. (I'm tipping that if you made one of your lower battens into a leech batten, the sail wouldn't suffer).

If your handicapper is using the old "Class Basic Handicap (CBH) - List Detail.htm" file for that 7980 dimension, he shouldn't be, according to John Burgess (Chairman of the AS NTYSB Technical Committee and one of the guys that wrote the new rule). That list was last updated in 2005 and RLs would have been reviewed since then. If he is using that list, then you can run a genoa with an LPG of 2591mm without penalty.
I'm the handicapper at our club. Here is part of the email conversation I had with John (regarding a different class):-

The list you refer to is no longer valid. It is superseded by the ATYSBR Appendix `A`.

This list you have was originally produced in circ 1990 and over the years has been amended and transcribed many times.

I suspect that you have stumbled upon a typographical error.

In reply to your statement; Am I reading too much into that information, i.e., is that list not actually an accurate representation of the original CBH measurement data? the answer to both suppositions is yes and no.

1. Yes you are reading too much into the information and,

2. No, that list is not an accurate representation of the original CBH measurement data..

It is old documents such as this that are dredged up from the bowels of the web etc., that cause a lot of confusion and disagreement.

I suggest in future you access the YA website ATYSBR and use the data contained in Appendix `A` as the only accurate and reliable reference source.

Thanks for your interest.

Peter7-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH increase for FBM
Thanks Peter

Sounds like I need to chase this up directly with John Burgess. Can you say where I might find his direct email address?

This issue has just been raised for a number of classes at CYC. The response of one member was to convert 2 of his battens to leech battens. If I can't get any relief from the system, I may consider doing something similar.

Matthew Francis8-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH increase for FBM
Peter Taylor from your club is the other one on the technical committee.
If you can't get any joy from him, you won't from John Burgess.
If you pull your bottom batten out and try it with a 900mm or so leech batten, I'd be surprised if it doesn't go just as well
Peter8-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH increase for FBM
The FBM has been accounted for since 1991 if not before. Please don't make alterations to your main. I would go the Burgess path and the Association will, I'm sure, assist.
James Shannon13-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH increase for FBM
Currently chatting to John. Will post the response.
Matthew Francis16-Oct-2017    Edit    Delete 

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