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Replying to:Soooo my keel cable snapped and I sprung a nice leak at the keel bolt.
I was camping and tried to nose my boat up to shore as I cranked on the winch I heard snap. I assumed that was my keel cable. Oh well easy fix. The next time I sailed I used GPS to track my sailing for the first time and I wasn't going to windward very well. After some investigating I found that my keel was part way up anD the cable was still intact despite the snapping sound. Now preparing for a club race I was lowering my keel back down and planning to replace the keel cable with dyneema after the race. I had experienced crew and good wind and hoped to surprise some club members who were expecting moderate windward progress from me. The I heard the dreaded snap again as I was lowering keel. No worries as we motored out of the marina, I planned on fixing that today anyway. Then I check the cabin and somebody must have spilled a glass of ... damnit I've got water spewing in from my keel bolt.with a swift application of pressure from my index finger the leak was slowed and we turned back into the marina. Luckily my trailer was here even though I keep her in a slip all year. Now a new task. I am borrowing a j 24 trailer to raise boat up in the air and will be taking the keel out to survey the damage and epoxying a repair I hope to be stronger than the original. I will probably have keel sandblasted and I will reglass and fair it( I have never done these things before) I considered altering in some way to a lifting keel instead of swing keel. I considered having a whole new keel fabricated from aluminum. Bought boat for 800 dollars but want it to become the best it can be. I also would like to stiffen the hull a little someday and replace the roof core that was done poorly by somebody else before I got it. Any suggestions I'm missing out on fantastic fall sailing here in Tennessee every week starting with this past weekend. Any projects have to account for the fact I work as RN full-time and am finishing up school .