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LED lighting
I have heard that LED lighting is vastly more efficient than other low voltage globes. It is supposed to reduce draw on batteries etc.

Does anyone have experience or data on these lights?

Can we buy them in Australia?

Are they legal as navigation lights?


Greg16-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
led lights
LED's are slowly becoming available at affordable prices; Hella developed a couple of 3 & 4 led recess-mount lights which have since been copied by AAA in Taiwan. Bashams have a couple of models, one of which I have installed as a cockpit light and it works well although tends to be a bit directional. These are available in white and red so the red one would be a good night light in the cabin without destroying night vision.

The Careel assn had an article explaining how to make an anchor light using kit components; great if you have the time. I collected the bits but never got around to making the light. Perhaps when I retire.

Jaycar have a little chart light (1 led) which plugs into a cigarette lighter socket and which is good for chart work or baiting fish hooks. It is on a short wire stalk and can be aimed in whatever direction you want but it is limited to close work.

West Marine have an led light on a long lead which can be pulled up a halyard; I haven't seen that one other than in the catalogue.

As for legal; not as nav lights. In Queensland the average inspector, be it Water Police or DPI Fisheries check to see if your anchor light is on at places like Garry's Anchorage when there are 200 odd boats there but they don't seem interested in what sort of light it is. I have seen some great creations made from Vegemite jars. It might be a different matter if there was an actual collision and the lights were not of an approved design. I expect that most of the lights fitted to tinnies and runabouts are made in Taiwan and haven't been formally approved, whereas those made by Ronstan, Hella, Scotti etc would have an approval.



Mike18-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
led lights
hello, l,ve recently purchased a solar garden light from bunnings ( about $35. ) to be used as a mast head light. it turns off + on auto matically

not an official nav light but worth considering. we'll use it at the whitsundays this year. cheers

michael18-Jun-2003    Edit    Delete 

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