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Rotating Mast - Shroud Connections
I have rigged up an odd device to restrict the rotation of my mast - should I? I get a bit uneasy when I see the shrouds twist, as they are connected to the sides of the mast. Is this wrong? Previously, when close-hauled, the mast twisted round so far that the spreaders where in line with the long axis of the boat. Can anyone help?
Damien O'Grady14-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
mast rotation
shouldn't be a problem, having the shrouds fixed to the sides of the mast helps to restrict rotation
gerinomo14-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Mast rotation
Unless you controll your mast rotation it will be a liability in strong winds, over rotation powers Up your mainsail just when you dont want the power. Take a look at the system on Tasers and A class cats, they work well. The effect on sail shape can be quite dramatic.
Rob Legg15-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Mast Rotation
Thanks for the advice. I guess the rotation is best used when running in light winds. I'll give it a try.
Damien O'Grady17-May-2003    Edit    Delete 

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