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Bay to Bay RL results
Fastest RL was "KD" a modified d/k, main modification being a bloody huge kite. Time 5 21 09. She came in 6th on corrected time and 2nd in division 2 behind Jim Harris' "Alkira", a marvellous 22 footer.

2nd RL was "Costalot", a modified s/k, 11th overall, 5 31 22

First RL28 was "Shalimar", 19th overall, 5 56 26: second 28 was "Flying Fox", 49th, 6 01 56

First div 3 RL24 was "Kanatamata", 36th overall, 5 58 40. Runners up to the red boat in this division were "Canuk", 6 03 41, 47th and "Hart Beat", 51st, 6 05 12

The long-running feud between "Touche" and "Apache" saw them finish in that order but not much in it; 6 14 43 vs 6 17 16

There's room for more next year.



Mike Hart14-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Bay to Bay Results
Thanks for the mention. We in Shalimar always look forward to the big tussle with "Flying Fox". I have written to HBSC and recommended that he be given a better handicap. The same as us to make it fairer. Go RL's!

Phil Macqueen, Skipper - Shalimar

Phil Macqueen12-Jun-2003    Edit    Delete 

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