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outboards for the well on RL24s
I have just taken the outboard and bracket off the stern and set the well up again. I have the long shaft outboard in the well as a temporary fix. For those racers that think I'm mad, the narrow stern and long overang of the RL24 do not suit stern mounting for most people. I pride myself on handling the yacht properly in the worst conditions. I could not imaging the helm gymnastics backing into a pen with the stern mounted outboard.

I am looking at suitable outboards remembering I wish to use a 4hp or 6hp outboard with charger and remote tank. For those that insist on bigger engines for comfort, fair enough but the RL24 is a small boat and I need the storage.

Looking through the dealers the new 4 strokes are to big and heavy and the 2 strokes don't have high thrust versions.

10 years ago the 3.5 tohatsu was popular but I am not up to date with the current available motors. Power heads on the 8hp yamahas and similar are so big that I can't use the well for storage.

Has anyone got experience with current model outboards in the well for cruising?

greg7-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
New outboards for RL24
I know I am chating to myself here but someone may need the information I have accumulated on modern currently available outboards in the future.

Firstly, the cutout of the well varies from yacht to yacht. The original cutout in INMA was only enough to drop the leg through and secure the enginr to the mounting area. Othe yachts I have looked at have larger cutouts leading to within 30-60mm if the stern. Inma has glassed in reinforcements for the rudder that limit the practical length of the opening.

INMA has a fixed tiller, hence the clearance to the top of the engine is an issue.

When measuring the opening and outboards, I use the rear corner of the mounting area as the datum because it is easily located on the engines etc. The critical dimensions on INMA are the maximum leg swing radius is 700mm (from the datum to the back of the opening in the well). The swing radius for the engine cowl is 520mm.

NOW MEASURING THE ENGINES Old outboards tend to fit OK in the RL 24 well (surprise, surprise). The OMC 6HP SS from the 80s is small and fits easily. I could not find an old 6HP Mercury apparantly they had a plane steel shaft and none survived this long! A Chrysler 6HP fits easily, A Honda 5HP SS fits easily.

The old larger outboards with through prop exhausts were too long in the leg.

New outboards tend to have significantly higher engine positions and top mounted starters that significantly restrict clearance to the tiller, most 6-10HPs are to high and too long. Infact I could not find a current 6-10HP that fitted. The big engine that stood out as a gret design if you can modify the tiller and well was the Johnson 8HP with its fron shift etc, it was significantly better in finish etc than the others.

Of the 5HP outboards, the Honda and Mercury/Mariner SS were able to just mis the tiller and retract in the well. The Johnson 6HP fitted the well but was very close to the tiller.

So what would I recommend, I am going to fit the Merc 5HP and if its OK, I will buy it. It has a 4Amp charger optional and has high thrust props with the through prop exhaust. The Honda is too heavy and hard to maintain. As for two stroke or four stroke, they are identical in dimensions. I will go two stroke on proce and self servicing.


Greg28-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Outboards for RL24 Well
Greg, Thank you for the information you posted on the discussion forum. I am looking for an outboard and it seems the Yamaha 8 HP 2 stroke twin will just fit my well which appears to have similar dimensions to yours. My question is should I go for standard or long leg in the outboard ? I realise that a long leg won't retract inside the hull line, but I'm more concerned with adequate propulsion and motor cooling. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, John Whitelaw
John Whitelaw1-Aug-2003    Edit    Delete 

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