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Voltage regulators causing fires
I recently had a fire under the dash of my tractor which required me to completely rewire it. The cause was obviously the voltage regulator as the wires to it had become so hot that the insulation had melted and the wires fused together. For me, the biggest issue at the time of the fire was that the diesel tank is located immediately below the dash!
After some reading I discovered this is a common problem with older motors and is one of the most common causes of fires on boats, either directly or from causing the battery to over-heat, according to the insurance council. Both diesel motors and outboards are affected and the insurance council suggests replacing the regulator preferably after 5 years but certainly after 10.
As all RLs are now well over that age, I suggest replacing the voltage regulator especially in RL28s or '34s with diesel motors. Most outboards are probably too small to have generators of sufficient power to be a fire risk but larger outboards fitted with high capacity generators or alternators would also be at risk.
Keith Merkley2-Dec-2016    Edit    Delete 

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