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RL 24 Mast
I have an RL24 mk 3 with the original rig. I would like to upgrade to the skiff rig setup. Does the RL Association have any Goldspar or Sunspar mast sections available for members to purchase? I have also looked at carbon but it is hard to justify the cost.
So any help with a Goldspar or Spunspar section would be appreciated.
Rod "Summer Dream"
Rod Smith16-Oct-2016    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 24 Mast
Rod, the association doesn't know of any Goldspar or Spunspar masts on hand, these sections seem to be getting harder to get hold of. Maybe try some of the 16 & 18 foot skiff clubs to see if they have any laying around, I can help with all the measurements if you need more info on sections and set ups for goldspar. Others have been able to source the correct second hand sections from old skiffs. Good luck with your search.
Darryn26-Oct-2016    Edit    Delete 

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