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Replying to:Asbestos?
We are working on our RL 24, sail number 808, foam sandwich, drop keel. I just have read the following information about asbestos from: http://www.trailersailerplace.com.au/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=3830#p38706 Hi all, I was concerned when I heard about asbestos in old fibreglass boats and asked an expert about boats pre-1985. Rob Legg (RL24, 28, Status etc) emailed me the following, which should put your mind at rest. 'Yes Asbestos was used, but only as a filler in the bog used as a filler adheasive when joining hull to deck, and interior mouldings. This was then alwayd glassed over and could not pose a problem unless it was ground out, and I cant imagine why that would be done. You can rest assured that there is no risk. And I think every manufacturer at the time used it for the same purpose.' Glad I could contribute some knowledge (albeit not mine!) instead of just soaking up everyone elses! Cheers, Mel Can anybody confirm that NO asbestos filled glue stuff was used to attach the inner lining of the centre board case to the case walls? How about the attachment of the aluminium frame for the drop keel to floor and cabin? I would be very grateful for any information. Kind regards, Petra