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Plexiglass hatch
I have an RL24 mk3 that is US built. The front hatch got blown off and sank, so for this past season we had a vinyl covering. However we are wanting something more permanent.
Our first idea was to do plexiglass so that we can see out the front and it should be easy enough to heat and shape. Does anyone have any input on a good thickness so that it can atleast stand up to some waves?
Sterling26-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plexiglas hatch
Maybe able to get away with 3/8ths, but getting the bow and the bend will take some doings. 1/4 will stand up to anything you can give it other than standing on it. With the bend in the middle, that will increase its stability, and prevent it from cracking. I would strongly recommend building a form out of plywood. Make a frame - two sides to match the sides. Then make 3 arched joists - top, middle and bottom. Match the top and the bottom perfectly with the boat. Make the middle one a compromise between the two. Cut the joist to length first, and then take a pencil to outline the curve. Cut the shape close, and then sand to your line. This will give you a perfect match to the boat. Then you will need 4 clamps to hold the Plexiglas in place after you heat it up, otherwise, as it cools, it will return to its original shape.
I would suggest building the wood frame to the exact dimension you want the end product to be. Cut the Plexiglas a little large. Form it to shape. Then while it is still clamped to the frame, take a router with a bearing and trim the Plexiglas. This will give you a perfect straight edge of the Plexiglas, as the bearing will ride on the straight piece of wood.
daveinet28-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Plexiglass hatch
Excellent, thank you for the input.
Was debating doing plexiglass or just doing fiberglass again.
Sterling3-Jan-2016    Edit    Delete 

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