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asymmetric spinnaker
any views out there on using asymmetric spinnaker on rl24?
ralph 27-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
why not? the old rule is dinosauric!
fred 27-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
There is a Mk3 in Melbourne with an IS.

It has been converted with a bow sprit to use the IS.

I chose not to buy the boat because the loads imposed by the new rig were probably 2-3 times what god designed for the hull and deck.

The simplicity of the IS and obvious advantages are atractive but I think it would need to be on a new hull and rig designed, manufactured and optimised for racing. A big shift from the solid foundations of the RL24.

Why do people take something that was designed and made right and want to change it in the name of progress. Leave the existing RLs as they are and make a Mk5 with the IS if you must, or buy one of the many unwanted racers on the market and keep the RL24 intact as an excellent cruiser/handicap racer.


Greg B 28-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
Asymmetric spinnaker
There are two schools of thought:

1 Leave well alone and sail your RL as an RL. Measure your sailing prowess by comparing apples with apples. Most of us take this path and are happy with it. You are never going to beat a Ross 780. Sometimes you can't even beat another RL.

2 Try to make your boat go faster by whatever means. "KD" is a good example, was 6th overall in recent Bay to Bay and 2nd in division 2. Still a minute slower than the slowest Ross but much quicker than a standard boat (5 21 09 against the quickest div 3 boat Kanatamata, 5 58 40)

The call is yours alone. Personally, I'm finding option 1 pretty satisfying.



Mike 14-May-2003    Edit    Delete 
Re: asymmetric spinnaker
We raced rl 24s in the 80s and have recently bought an old mk 111. I'm not keen on dancing on the foredeck at 72 years so I considered an asymmetric as we can gyb it from the cockpit. I don't understand the comments about additional stress on the boat. Can anyone clarify this.
John Livesley 30-Apr-2014    Edit    Delete 

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