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Status 580 leak
I have a Status 580 and have enjoyed many years sailing, I have one ongoing problem. The boat (lower hull area) takes in water. At the end of the day I have to tilt the boat and open the bung to let the water drain. It takes around 20 mins so lots of water. Boat still sails fine albeit sluggish. Is there a diagram or schematic of how the swing keel works? Do you have any clues? Is there someone who i could pay to fix the problem? Cheers, Greg Dee 0408 398 000
Greg Dee12-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580 leak
Hi Greg. I have two status under my care. Both have a 1/2 inch pivot bolt that the centre board swings on approximately 500mm aft of the mast step/compression post and approximately 100mm above the hull skin (below the cockpit deck mould). The Status was built by a few different companies but I imagine all would be similar. The trick to keep the pivot bolt water tight is to make sure the Centre board pivots on the bolt and not the bolt turning in the holes of the case. A basic outline of the process I have used is to chock the board firmly from underneath the boat so it doesn't move, pull the pivot pin out, grease the shaft, insert pivot pin most of the way in, clean off excess grease, apply sikaflex around pin head, nut and washers, screw up just past finger tight and let it set. Next day, take out chocks, lower and raise board. Hopefully the pivot pin won't move and it should be reasonably water tight (sometimes the odd drip but should definitely improve your situation). The trick to maintain this seal is to hose thoroughly around the pivot pin (from under and above the hull) after sailing and every couple of weeks lower and raise the centre board to make sure it doesn't 'bind' to the pin and thus break the sikaflex seal. Goodluck
Geoff Watson24-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 

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