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RL 24 MK1 sea worthy
I'm kind of frustrated. The more I read reviews about the RL24 the more people complain about the stability of the boat.

I take my mk 1 out on the ocean and have faced some rough sees with her. She goes like a bullet and I enjoy the sea and spray. From what I read this boat had a design nomination for self righting. Every time I reed a review or some one talking about them. I get told the where designed for inland sailing. Am I taking that big a chance taking her out on some windy days?

Please be honest and tell me if I'm being silly. The hardest part is getting out the doc with a 4 hp motor in 20 knot winds. That I will be upgrading. I love my lady Jane.
Quinton Smith29-Sep-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 24 MK1 sea worthy
Probably depends more on the waves than the wind. Of course the two are related, but depending on the direction and location, the waves may not be that tall. I've been out in 30 mph winds and had a lot of fun. As a matter of fact, that day dramatically increased my trust in the boat. Of course I have an American boat. I think it may depend on if your centerboard was updated with more weight or not.

There is a thread currently running on SBO that is discussing the definition of heavy weather. A large part of that discussion centers around the location, rather than the boat. Some locations are going to be much more forgiving. In contrast to my first statement, I was out by myself in about 25mph winds on a small crowded lake. I was way to busy to have fun, so I turned in.

BTY: I'm running an 86lbs thrust trolling motor. In those conditions it was nearly maxed out, running on 4 (5 settings) into the wind to make 3 mph.
daveinet29-Sep-2015    Edit    Delete 

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