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Hobie 16 sails
I understand it has been common to put Hobie 16 sails on an RL 24. Intensity sails has the main for around 400 bucks - cheapest I have seen anywhere. My only concern is that I understand those sails were used on a bendy mast. Being mine is an American boat, my mast doesn't bend much. Does the Hobie sail work on a stiff mast?

I know I can talk to other makers, but I don't have $1000+ to dump for a main sail.

(Intensity Sails was of no help. They don't recommend using any sail not specifically built for a specific boat and that is all they would say)
Daveinet 12-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hobie 16 sails
try Michael Coxon

North Sails Australia Pty Ltd
ABN: 60 000 820 084
12 Polo Avenue NSW 2103
PO BOX 511 NSW 1660
Ph: +61 2 9997 5966
Fax: +61 2 9997 4805
Email:office @au.northsails.com

He may well have all the answers you seek

link for contact came from ....
Kingy 12-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hobie 16 sails
Hi Dave. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. Back in the RL24 "rig revolution" days (around 1980) some owners experimented with Hobie 16 mainsails as a transitional test to see whether the high roach fully battened system would work on an RL. Turns out it did and if you look through the gallery you can see a massive difference between then and now. Having that high roach though means there is a lot more power in the mainsail up high and to manage that power flexible tipped masts were made which has the effect of flattening off the top of the mainsail in gusts.

Now all of that is great from a racing perspective but (and forgive me if I'm misreading you) I think you're just after a cheap mainsail that fits and gets you from A to B.

If that's the case, and the Hobie mainsail in question fits, then I think by all means buy it. Get a sailmaker to put in some reefing points so when conditions are above say, 10-15 knots, you can whack a small reef in and get around just as comfortably and fast.
James Shannon 13-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hobie 16 sails
Thanks. Mainly what I was wanting to know is if I could get proper sail shape under moderate conditions and if the top of the sail will still twist or if a bendy mast is required to get the top of the sail to twist.
My current main, the luff is pretty baggy, however the roach is very tight. This means the main just cups all the way up the sail. The top of the sail is still pretty much in line with the boom, even when the wind picks up. This is with no vang, the main sheet is loose and the car to windward.
My other observation is that I am getting no power from the main. When I drop the centerboard, the cable is completely loose. Then I usually tighten one or two cranks. That gives me the best helm balance. I'm currently working on my centerboard, and I discovered the way I've been sailing, the bottom of the centerboard is angled forward. I've set the mast angle according to the specs on this sight. But since, I've angled it aft even farther. All that has made me conclude my main is not doing much. The jib is sad too, and really cupped. The last 3 inches on the luff hook perpendicular.
Daveinet 13-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hobie 16 sails
hi Dave
Google images of Hobie 16s. You'll notice that their masts aren't that bendy, in fact they're not even tapered. Even the boats that are heeling 45deg don't show much tip lay off. For someone on a tight budget, I think you're on the right track. If you find the main doesn't twist off enough, you could (cut)square off the top a little above the top batten (square tops don't require bendy masts). This isn't hard to do yourself and it isn't hard to make your own custom headboard from a couple of pieces of thin aluminium or plastic and some pop rivets.

Peter 16-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hobie 16 sails
Does anyone know what the common sail dimensions and area that are currently used? The information on the square rigs won't help me, but for the more pointed, that still have a pretty good roach, I'm curious what they are using for a Jib. If I were to use the Hobie jib, while the total sail area would be correct, the jib fit would be very small and leave a large gap between the sail and the mast. Does that still work, or should the jib be larger? It looks like the Hobie jib is shorter by about 4 feet, which seems like a lot.
daveinet 21-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 
Re: Hobie 16 sails
Hi Dave
The Hobie jib looks so short in the luff because it's carrying a lot of it's sail area in that fully battened roach.
You're lucky in the US that you've got a few cheap online sailmakers.
If you're trying to stick with the 20m2 overall sail area,, it should be pretty easy. What about a Capri 16 jib - same area as the Hobie (55ft2), but with a longer luff and foot. There's a couple of online stores doing them for about 300 USD
Peter 22-Jul-2015    Edit    Delete 

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