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moulds for RL28
We've had a fire through the cabin and may need to remake the cabin. Has anyone any ideas where we might obtain some moulds. In case you were wondering, we were struck by lightning....on our driveway at home!
Bob Doerksen5-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
there is a person somewhere in this country by the name of Ross Poschalk who claims to own all of the rl moulds. last i knew he was storing them on a property at Gunalda Q. happy hunting.
Ralph5-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
RL 28 fire
Thanks for your quick reply, unfortunately we live in WA which makes things more awkward. We'll try and get hold of Ross Poschalk and see what we can do . Thanks again Ralph.
Bob Doerksen6-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
Ross Poschalk
Hi, wrt to the above person, I had a look in the Aust Phone CD I have and got 5 Poschalks in Aust Not a common name so there may be a relation here who knows Good Luck Phil

RS Poschalk 32 Murdoch Street ERMINGTON NSW 2115 02 9638 1609

There are 4 others in QLD but no R. Not sure if this is current but here are the others to try. Check w Telstra for current numbers

MA Poschalk Tainton St (Ozanam Villa) MARGATE QLD 4019

GN Poschalk Kirsten Court MAROOCHYDORE QLD 4558

GL & J Poschalk 3 Williams Road BUNDABERG QLD 4670

KA & P Poschalk 1 Bareega Street AITKENVALE QLD 4814

Phil Macqueen (Shalimar)16-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 
Re: moulds for RL28
Ross Poschalk has the moulds.His email is ross180946@hotmail.com.
wilfredburton21-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 

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