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Loose Gauge Settings RL28
Can anyone help with recommended loose gauge settings for shrouds on RL28. I need to keep my boat trailerable so I am constantly rigging/de-rigging.
Greg Harvey26-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
Sidestay tension RL28
My two bobs worth is to tune them like a double bass. Set them up so the boat goes well and them pluck them when you get the boat desailed but still in the water. I think putting it on the trailer may alter them. When you pluck, try to remember the sound they make. Not high tech but if you have a musicians ear it is a novel way of doing it. I'll be interested to read other peoples views as well Good luck

Phil Macqueen

Phil Macqueen (Shalimar)31-Mar-2003    Edit    Delete 
Stay tension.
Consider this. If your leeward stay goes slack while sailing, and it will!it does not matter how tight it was set upat first, the important factor is the tension on your mainsheet and or backstay.
Rob Legg.3-Apr-2003    Edit    Delete 

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